teenage angst

January 23, 2009

a long time ago, in a land far, far away…
lived a lonely, nerdy teenage girl. she had a sinus infection that autumn….
as she lay there on the sofa, under the influence of cough syrup and codeine, she had one of many embarrassing memorable moments in her life.
Unhappy that she wasn’t invited to homecoming, and having heard it from the best sources(ha) that her crush did not have a date….
the codeine caused her to give her crush a call to ask him out… she was heavily drugged. the only reason she had his phone number is because she occasionally let him ‘borrow’ her homework for English, or German…
in much trepidation, she dialed his number… heart pounding, unable to breathe…
about to slam down the phone, someone answered!!
it was his father. she carefully asked for the handsome young lad…
who was, miraculously, available…
after a brief conversation about the German homework and her very first detention…
she asked him to the homecoming dance… to which he replied…
‘oh, wow.
Julie Joseph just asked me today so I said yeah. sorry….’

the end.

all of it.

except names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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