running = meditation

February 22, 2009

running equals meditation.

I have difficulty just sitting still… clearing my head. This is what meditation is, traditionally. While just sitting or lying down, though, my head is filled with so many conscious and subconscious thoughts that I often feel more befuddled after my meditation attempt than I did before.

Purely by chance, I discovered running as a way to clear my head, and work through stress and worries that lay deep in my subconscious. Several years ago, after my first divorce, I decided that I needed to lose weight and get fit for me. The gym wasn’t doing it, so I tried walking. But it wasn’t fast enough (I love fast… I hate speeding tickets, btw!) I eventually was running, and except for being sidelined by some injuries, have not stopped since.

I often joking refer to my running as my quick lobotomy, or instant brain surgery. It changes my mood, lessens my anxiety, and has all of those physical benefits attached as well. As recently as last week, my doctor said… “Never stop running.”

For once in my life, heeding the doctor’s words is easy. Usually I balk at being told what to do, but my body craves the running and the mental state I’m in after I’ve been out with my body in motion. I find I come back inspired with all sorts of creativity and energy – something I believe we all never get enough of.

And so, I’m off… to clear my head and exercise my body. I recommend any type of exercise to you if you have writer’s block, a creativity impasse, a lack of energy, or a lot of stress.

Plus, the human body is an amazing and beautiful thing, especially in motion…

me after a 5k

me after a 5k


One comment

  1. Oh, yes! If only for the mental benefits of running, don’t stop!

    I had a “quick lobotomy” earlier today…it went well. No infection and, surprisingly, outpatient care! =)

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