March 24, 2009

I paint slowly. There, I’ve said it. I admit it. Everything I’ve put to canvas has taken hours and hours of time.

I am not known for my patience! Many people are surprised to hear that I teach elementary education… but for the little ones, I have all the patience in the world. The same could be said for painting. I no longer feel the need to rush a piece of art. When I try to finish something on someone else’s time schedule, it invariably turns out to be something I’m not happy with. I am content to let my emotions flow from my heart and soul out through my hand in their own time.

For me, painting is not usually one long session in front of the easel. My ‘day’ of painting can begin in front of the easel for 20-30 minutes, then cooking, then painting, then running, then more painting, then writing, then painting. I listen to music while I paint, sometimes I’ll stop and dance. Usually I’ll sing along to the music, unless I am so deep in concentration that I am oblivious to everything.

I now let myself be slow. I wish I could produce more, faster. Everything else I seem to do in life I tend to do quickly. When I’m feeling creative, though, time stands still. I have had to learn to be patient with myself. I have had to learn that when I push myself for quantity, the quality is not what I want it to be.

In my ideal world, I would have more days to paint, draw, and create. In my real world however, real things must be accomplished. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, teaching (and all the preparation that must be done for that!) So it seems, between the simple fact that I paint slowly combined with the realities of my life, my artwork will not be produced fast and furiously!

Please be patient with me…


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