my addiction

April 2, 2009

my drug.
my addiction.

blood burns with your proximity.
heart pumping with your voice,
your mere presence a high.
adrenaline rush, light-headed, floating.

your words injected, your scent pure intoxication.
I radiate all positive energy of the universe.
the world is in my body I am invincible and immortal and divine
with you near me
when you talk to me
what you do to me.
you are
my drug.
my addiction.

without you I am soulless.
crashing burning shaking
tremors as your scent, your sound, your self
leave me, drain me.

I become the
empty vessel waiting to be filled.
lifeless. robotic.
mechanically living, smile pasted on as I am a mannequin
no longer with the living, not quite with the dead.
blood thick, thoughts unfocused, heartbeat faint
waiting for the next high. waiting for you
my drug.
my addiction.


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