Sonnet to a Cat

April 4, 2009

Felines of fancy are slinkety-sly
Sleeping in luxury, eating fine food
Paws lightly touching eyes gaze at the sky
Stay behind windows caged inside for good.
Felines of nature with license to kill
Top-secret agents mere shadows are cast
Guiding their lives with their instinct and will
Lithe bodies muscular sneak quickly past.
All cats are graceful with beautiful form
Blinking in sunlight with almond shaped eyes
Velvety fur grows to keep the soul warm
Gentle demeanor wild creature belies.
Curled up for warmth my cat purrs just like that
To dream of the life of a fierce, wild cat.


One comment

  1. Quite fitting– I recently found out that Francesco Petrarch, inventor of the sonnet, was a cat lover.

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