just thinking about balance

May 4, 2009

Just like balancing out the elements of a painting, the elements of one’s life should also be balanced, I’m finding.

It’s been a a couple of days since I’ve been able to sit down and draw, and even longer since I’ve had the time to stand in front of the easel and paint. I’m having withdrawel.

I’ve been taking photographs, it’s true. This in itself is creative and fulfilling. It also helps a great deal with the study of color, light, and composition. I’m enjoying the photography immensely. But there is something driving me to paint and draw. I actually feel a loss when several days go by and life has sped up so much that I can only gaze longingly at my easel as I race out the door with my daughter.

I’m not sure when I can get back to the easel. The ritual of setting up my palette, laying out my brushes, checking the lighting… and even chosing music takes time, but is necessary for my focus. Drawing is a little bit easier. It’s out on the kitchen card table, waiting for a few spare minutes between preparing meals and doing laundry. This time of the year is very busy  with birthdays and end of school year activities for both myself and Jessica. Add to this many family visits, and the process of still settling in to our new apartment. Carving out a niche of time for art has become very difficult.

I hope to find this balance in my life soon. If only I didn’t need sleep! Meanwhile, my works-in-progress remain works-in-progress, ideas simply get jotted down on notes, and then at the end of the day, I wander over to the easel, but then fall into bed to get a few hours of much needed sleep.

Soon, soon. Please be patient with me while I find this balance in my lfe.


One comment

  1. Agreed that balance of everything in a persons life is needed and so important to creative flow.

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