October 7, 2009

As health conscious as I am, with meal planning, running, and being the ‘Health’ teacher for sixth grade, I must admit I’m woefully oblivious to my own body’s signals.

Several months ago, I noticied a drop in my energy. Those of you who know me know I operate with happy creativeness flowing throughout… but I had a difficult time maintaining that energy. It seemed to come and go of its own will.

My running seemed to hit a wall, it didn’t seem to matter how much I ate… I still couldn’t seem to get farther than 8 miles in one run.

My sleep patterns were messed up, I thought that was the reason for my lack of energy. I also blamed it on stress. I also blamed it on the roadtrip vacation.

I was cold all the time. But hey, anyone who knows me is aware that my hands, feet, and nose are always cold.  I didn’t see anything different… seemed normal! Jess complained about the hotel rooms being too warm (and the car) but hey… I’m always cold, right??

My one claim to beauty might very well be my hair. Luckily, I have a lot of it. Yes, I was losing a lot, but I still had a lot, and it still looked okay…

Energy was going downhill, and I tried to channel it into painting as much as I could. It was easier to deal with in the summer, I could always go relax at the beach. The lack of energy was manageable.

Then, it was time to get the classroom ready. I realized something was wrong.

I never suspected.

I wondered if my blood sugar might be a bit off  that maybe that was the reason for my energy drops, so I took my happy self off to the doctor. He of course said… “Fasting Blood Test”… and so I did.

The results stunned my doctor almost as much as they stunned me. The one symptom missing… the one symptom that has all women thinking they had this condition… weight gain.

Yes, it was my thyroid. Again.

Diagnosed with hypothyroidism over ten years ago, I have been on a relatively high dosage of levoxyl. Dr. said it was about the same amount of thyroid hormone that the thyroid normally produces. Shaking his head, he prescribed a much, much higher dosage.

It’s been several weeks. The adjustment has been (and still is) extremely difficult. As my body’s metabolism gets used to the higher dosage, it has sort of gone haywire. I’ve become a very light sleeper… almost an insomniac. However, I’ve been almost constantly exhausted… and because of this, I’ve put most of my focus on my students and the curriculum. They deserve all that I can give them. My daughter has been very helpful… I count my blessings with her daily.

Yesterday, I can honestly say that I finally felt an improvement. I’ve been very creative over the past few days. I’ve been running – even waking up with the alarm! Last night I was able to fully attend to a 2-hour meeting at my daughter’s school. Today, I don’t feel any ill effects of my extra efforts.

A year ago, I never would believe that I would lack this much energy, that my thyroid would take a nose-dive, that I would have this much difficulty adjusting to the dosage.

There is no lesson here. I am just grateful that I finally listened to at least one cue my body was giving me so that I could get myself in to the doctor. Am I sad that I delayed so long? Yes… but I’m on the mend… things are looking up…

I’m smiling, happy, energetic, creative.

I’m baaaaaackk!!!!!



  1. I didn’t know anything about it. I am so glad you went to the doc in time and you are back to normal.
    I wish you all the best!Love ya!

  2. I’m SO glad you’re feeling better. I’ve been worried. Glad you got to the bottom of it! Hugs!

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