Special People

February 24, 2010

In case anyone was confused by the last post, I merely meant that I don’t need a man.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want someone special in my life… I am special, so why shouldn’t I want someone special?

So as I sit up here at Science Camp. (Yes, Outdoor Science School with my 6th grade class) and I have no internet (well, only up here in the office at night) and no phone… I’m thinking it would be nice to be missed by someone special.

Of course, it would have to be someone very special. I’m here to tell you that Mr. Special better spring for a new phone and service for me from Verizon, because T-Mobile just isn’t an option up here… and I intend to come back every year that they let me teach…

Why? Because I am lucky enough that my students think I am special, and if I weren’t here, they would miss me…

So guess who I think are the most special people of all right now?

My students.



  1. Yes, your students are special. I suspect that’s why you teach and why you’re good at it. And you’re absolutely right- hold out for someone as special as you.

  2. Great post.

  3. You’re awesome. I don’t think you’re special, I know it! You grow with every post. ox

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