Others’ Eyes

March 13, 2010

Many will swear
the camera never lies.
I’m told I should see myself
through others’ eyes.

Life’s disappointments,
my lack of romance.
I see myself awkward,
plain, with no chance.

My family and friends,
they say I’m deceived.
That I’m truly lovely,
if I’ll just believe.

These wonderful people,
with uplifting word,
convinced me I’m worthy –
my voice should be heard.

Then through the photos,
portraits taken of me,
these things they are saying,
now I can see.

Previous thoughts that I had
are all lies.
Not that I see myself
through others’ eyes.


One comment

  1. This poem and “The Truth of Me” are two parts of a theme. There’s a lot of truth here, Torie. Sometimes even more than is spelled out literally. You have a real gift for expression- whether with words or images. We often know our own shortcomings better than others, but it’s easy to let that knowledge lead us to condemn ourselves. Having others who love us reflect our better selves back to us, keep us from seeing only the negative. You have much to be proud of, while still working towards a better you.

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