The Truth of Me

March 13, 2010

I view myself.
Look in the mirror.
Process self-portraits.
Despise what I see.
Abhor what appears.

Heartache emptied me.
No self-love, no self worth.
Confidence gone
-what little there was.
Am ready to hide forever.

Friends gather around me
supportive, yet angry.
“You are wrong,” they say.
“You are beautiful, sexy, smart,
and worthy of only the best.”

“See yourself through
others’ eyes.
When you smile,
when you laugh,
when you give of your heart.”

No self-portraits this time,
no mirrors, no reflection.
Just pictures of me
taken by friends,
showing me what they see.

Smile bright, heart laughing,
deep in conversation.
I am smart, I am strong,
I am beautiful,
through others’ eyes.


One comment

  1. I think that, when we are looking to improve ourselves, we tend to focus so much on those things that need work it’s easy to lose track of the positive aspects. It helps to have friends and family to remind us.

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