Evolution of a painting 4

March 15, 2010

Just some more detail on a busy Monday night!



  1. It’s beautiful. I can’t say I know much about oils. I’d be interested in your comments. How long did you work on this piece? I see what looks like more attention to detail in the center and near the bottom. If I had to relate it to my own observations about life, I would say it reminds me of the way people can have more control towards what is closer to them, and that life becomes more erratic and random and things move further out from the center. This, of course, might have nothing to do with your conception.

    When I’m working on a project, I have fun with the way the imagination will evolve with the project so that in the beginning I have an idea that might turn out to be something quite different when I’m finished. Other times the result will be almost exactly what I had envisioned from the start.

    I really like the contrast of colors between foreground and background, and the way you introduced elements of each in the other. My attention is drawn towards the point where the petals are joined in the center.

    If I turn my head to the side so that the right side becomes the top, I see the bust portrait of a feminine figure wearing a dress.

  2. It’s coming along nicely, Torie. I’ve been meaning to tell you thanks for posting the large images- I like to zoom in and look at the blend of colours.

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