Front Step

June 12, 2010

Front step.
Waiting, hoping, glowing.
Neighbors walk by
Wave and smile.

Front step.
Sitting, thinking, looking.
Sunset is here
Check my watch.

Front step.
Wondering, checking, tapping.
Porchlight comes on
Cross my arms.

Front step.
Standing, turning, leaving.
Walk in the house
Blink back tears.



  1. I love this poem. Great imagery, simplicity and action of the heart. Thank you for sharing. Remove the punctuation and let it fly! (just a suggestion) xo

  2. That was an emotional rollercoaster.

  3. Well written & constructed. Captured the emotion(s) quite nicely….

  4. Hope changing into melancholy. Great use of descriptive words to paint an emotional picture. You really are amazing. …and fie on ‘him’.

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