“My 365” July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010
July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010 -- the joy in simple things

July 9, 2010. 10:21 p.m. PST. ISO 100. Shutter 1. Aperture f/3.5. No flash-ambient lamplight.

Tonight’s photo ended up being as spontaneous as a self-portrait can get… yet turned out to represent how I feel. Earlier today I was speaking with a friend about how life’s joy seems to come from simple, small things. The glistening of the sunlight on the pool water, the strength of leg muscles, a wave from a neighbor, quality time spent with your teenager, or a good morning text from a friend are the things that make me happy. These are the things that give my life meaning… that make the joy bubble up from deep inside me until the smile on my face is unstoppable.

An overall lovely day, I intended tonight’s portrait to be of me mending my favorite jeans. I love to sew and of course need my favorite jeans! My boy-cat, Oliver, jumped up on the bed when I was taking photos, and began to purr very loudly. He was just yelling out for attention! A perfect moment for me… this is the cat that is so shy, people don’t believe he exists. I took the opportunity to take some photos. I think we were both purring, my hands in his thick fur, and him giving me kitty-kisses. I merely thought to take them to prove he existed… yet when I looked at my work, although the sewing photos turned out fine, it was the photos of my boy-cat that made me smile.

Something so simple. The love you share with a pet. xo


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  1. That’s a GREAT shot, Torie! And you’re right- some of the best memories are made from simple, happy moments. (Btw, the smile looks very good on you, blondie.) 😉

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