“My 365” July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010
July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010 -- evanescence

July 22, 2010. 6:56pm PST. ISO 400. Shutter 1/640. Aperture f/9.0. Flash off. (Exposure bias -1.00)

When I speak,
no one listens.
When I write,
no one reads.
When I enter,
no one sees.
When I leave,
no one notices.
When I cry,
no one cares.

White light shimmers
surrounding, comforting.
Erases fear and loneliness
whispery soft, caressing my thirsty skin.
Cocooned in iridescence.
Whole unto myself.

I am invisible again.

Both yesterday and today’s photos were taken entirely manually again. No auto anything for me! Yesterday’s photo has a small story. Early in the morning, with the first cup of coffee, I wrote about the two doors. I closed my journal. The end. Right? Later on yesterday, I was feeling a creative void. “What should I do? ” I asked Jessica. “Mamma, you should do something with a door, ” she answered. In my head and in my heart I said – a sign. And so that’s how the door picture and poem came to be. True story.

Today’s photo, simply a glimpse as to what I was feeling. Stressful circumstances (no matter where they come from) tend to make me shrink inside, lose confidence, and lose optimism. This is my ‘invisible’. I often try to reach out to others. Many times, it’s not obvious that I need a friend, but it’s very comforting when someone reaches back.

Many thanks and much love to Steve, Row, Shelle, Dina, Shelley Rae, and Mom. You all brought sunshine into my day. xo



  1. Lovely picture…the way you’ve used the light is beautiful…ties in so well with the post as well….

  2. When stressful times come, it sometimes helps to retreat into ourselves. However, it always helps to have someone with whom to share ‘the load’.
    Excellent silhouette shot, Torie! Are you sure you haven’t done much full manual? You have a very good feel for it.

  3. Be strong Vicky dear, you have it in you to overcome all.

  4. Tori …

    I don’t see you as invisible! You are very visible to me. I see you and I hear you, and yet I have yet to meet you! You ARE an important invidual, making big waves, and big differences in the lives of individuals … you just can’t see it because you aren’t looking hard enough.

    They say that when you believe it you will see it. Believe it. You are very powerful, and I am thankful … oh so thankful that our paths were able to cross in this lifetime.

    Great picture, by the way. One day, maybe you can teach me how to use my camera … I’m hopeless!


    • Oops … I was typing so fast that I spelled “individual” incorrectly!

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