“My 365” July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010
July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010 --home

July 26, 2010. 5:28pm PST. ISO 100. Shutter 1/40. Aperture f/4.5. Manual exposure. No flash. Exposure bias – none.

I knew it was meant to be. Love at first sight. I didn’t even need to know everything… instinct told me it was right.

Most of my photos are taken here in my home. From the first time Jessica and I drove by, I knew we had to get this home. Yes, ‘home.’ The second floor of a duplex, technically. But it is more than an apartment. A duplex. A building. More than even ‘the place where we live.’ It is home.

When I list all the faults it has, the problems, I think it’s a wonder that we even live here. Bad plumbing, faulty wiring, drafty windows and doors, poor insulation, even odd holes in the walls! The list goes on and on.. truly! However, there is something about our home that makes me feel as if we belong here. It’s quirky, unique, special. Decorative door frames, the alcove and cabinet in the dining room, fancy handles on the doors, crown molding in the bedrooms, an archway between the dining room and the main room, and the pink/black/turquoise tile in the bathroom. We have a front balcony for the front stairs landing. We have a back stairway, where you can just walk on out to our roof-deck. We even have a garage to store our junk.

One of the best parts about our home (for me) is the beautiful light that comes through the windows. Bright and cheerful, it hits the roof-deck first. Then my windows… waking me up, taking me and my coffee out to the roof-deck to enjoy! In the afternoon and early evening a glorious sunlight flows through the four front windows – the perfect place for my easel. As the sun begins to go down beyond the rooftops across the street, the light turns subtle, magical… it makes everything glow with beauty.

Most important of all, my home holds that which is the most precious thing in the world. My home, with all that it is, and all that it holds, makes me smile. xo



  1. Very sweet Torie and great pic! xoxo

  2. Great ‘full manual’ picture with natural light, Torie! Michelle’s right- the smile looks very good on you. Isn’t it odd that, when a place ‘feels’ right, we easily overlook the quirks and defects? In the process of fixing the problems, a home becomes even more personal. True though- a home is more the content than the container. Family makes it a home.

  3. Lovely picture….it’s good to see you smile! Love the thoughts on “home” too 🙂

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