Un rêve

August 11, 2010

I set down my journal, slip on my running clothes, and turn out the bedside light. My shoes are in the kitchen, and in the gray-dark my feet find their way. You are already up, dressed, and ready to go. As I tie my shoes, you shut down your computer, and hand me my coffee mug, just a few swallows, perfect before we leave. We don’t need to speak. Everything is as it should be.
We silently slip out the back door into the earliest of mornings. As I lock up, you head down the stairs and get your bike out of the garage. I don’t know the route you are taking. I don’t even know the route I am running… I only know how long I plan to be gone. My feet will take me where I need to go.
Music playing in my ears. New music, you’ve uploaded it for me. The tempo is good, I feel the energy springing into my legs. The morning air seems oddly warm, but I know from experience it will cool down moments before the sun rises.
As you ready your bike, I touch your cheek. Then I set off down the alley towards the beach, no particular route in mind. You ride by me slowly, headed in the same direction. You raise your hand to your lips, and then turn back to me flinging your hand out as if to throw me something. I reach up in the air as if to catch it, and bring my hand down, touching my lips. You turn around and fly away off into your own nirvana.
The neighborhood is silent except for the sound of the ocean a few blocks away. I decide to run here first, while it is my own fantasy land. Fog swirls around me, the smell of jasmine in the air. A few lights are on as I run by some of the houses. Early risers like us. The neighborhood cats are not afraid of me. They’ve seen me run by so many times before. Time seems to stand still as my feet fly over the pavement. Music pulsing, melody alive, putting my head in a place to begin.
The fog swirls, gets lighter in color. The sun has begun to rise, more lights on in homes, a few cars cross streets, headlights on, drivers yawning. My heart beats in time to the tempo of my feet. My mind floats along just above my body, working out all my worries and problems, reconnecting me with myself. I reach the bay, and head on into the peninsula, first choosing to run along the cement walk closest to the bay. Foot traffic here this time of morning is very light. I see few people out and about, one man on his patio nods at me as he sips his coffee and contemplates the headlines of the newspaper.
Here and there, dogs bark. I pass another runner going in the opposite direction. We each silently raise a hand in greeting as we pass, eyes connect for a moment. Recognition in each other the love of running. Sisters.
When I reach the end of the peninsula, I turn and go up the boardwalk. I had saved this for the way back because it is wider than the cement path. More people are up now, moving about, drinking their coffee in their robes as they watch the sun rise.
In perfect cadence with the music my feet touch the ground and lift again. It’s warmer, I reach up and take off my pink long-sleeved shirt. A long practiced motion, I don’t miss a step or slow down and I lift it up over my head and tie it around my waist.
A drink from my water bottle and I head on down the beach path toward the city. Visions of you and the joy you experience on your bike are constantly flickering from my subconscious to my conscious. My heart flutters a little each time I recognize what my brain is doing.
The endorphins have kicked in. I am flying, feeling the energy of the ocean I am running so close to. The sun gets even warmer, the fog gets thinner and thinner, and as I pass the pier, my white long-sleeved shirt comes off. The coolness of the morning air tickles my shoulders and arms.
The riders, the runners, the walkers.. even those on rollerblades are out. I finally check my watch. I’ve set a good pace even with the wind against me, the music you’ve chosen for me is perfect.
I come to my turn-around point. I look into the rising sun, and I lift my face to feel its warmth. The wind is at my back, the run easy, the connection with life plugged in. As I come closer back to our neighborhood, I realize my pace had been very good, and I still have some time. I chose to run through the parts of the neighborhood I hadn’t already done. Families packing up picnics, singles looking a little worn from the night before…. I smile at them all, sharing the peace and love in my heart.
As I near home, I feel as if a magnet is pulling me in. I kick in the last mile, heart pumping, music playing, feet flying, smiling all the while.
I enter through the front door, cats weaving around my feet. I move toward the kitchen as you enter through the back door from your ride.
We meet. Come together. We don’t need to speak. Everything is as it should be. Hearts, souls, energies, as intertwined as they were when we left each other.

Bliss. xo


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  1. Beautifully written, Torie! Great imagery and emotion.

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