“My 365” August 14, 2010

August 14, 2010
August 14, 2010

August 14, 2010 -- a romantic

August 14, 2010. 7:50pm PST. ISO 100. Shutter 1/5. Aperture f/6.3. Manual exposure, no flash, ambient lamplight.

—A fictional little romantic story—-

Slip on a little black dress and high-heeled tiny shoes. Hair up, and the scent of jasmine stroked on my neck. A tall man, blue eyes. Down to the cab, chauffeur us to the corner of Ocean and Pine. Theatre elegance, a pre-show drink in a stemmed glass, our eyes meet, voices soft and low, flirtation and smiles are spontaneous. The plot thrilling, the music stirring, the actors talented… the dark of the theatre allows for soft touches between us that serve as silent communication. Intermission, another stemmed drink, I look at you from lowered eyelids. A quick smile from you and I know I’ve been caught!
The last curtain call, “Pardon me just a moment,” I murmur. Upon my return, you present me with a single red rose, the bud just beginning to open. I catch my breath with a surprised “Thank you.” My smile could not be bigger, I think. You take my arm and escort me out. A quick walk to the restaurant. White linen, crystal, the maitre d’ weaves us around the diners to our table. More conversation, wit and banter. I catch you watching me, we smile in unison.
After-dinner coffee. Your hand covers mine, I blush from the heat of the touch. We walk out into the cool night air, take a stroll down the avenue, my hand in yours. We stop to look at the moon, a crescent in the sky, a star hanging from the bottom point. Standing close together, so quiet I can hear my heart beat. The soft breeze moves stray tendrils of my hair, tickling my skin.

Of course this story has a happy ending… I’m a girl who still dreams of romance. xo



  1. Sorry to hear it wasn’t a true story, for that is the type of evening you deserve! Thinking of you doll! And the pic is great!

  2. You really do have a gift for writing, Torie. Also, the photo is very appealing (the back of the neck is a great spot!).

  3. How romantic! Your story really mesmorized me – thank you!!!!! BTW love the lighting in your photo!

    • Thanks Theresa! Yeah.. a whole lot of daydreaming going on, lol!! Thanks for the compliments and support!!

  4. That’s very sweet. I wish it could be real.

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