“My 365” August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010
August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010 --glissade

August 17, 2010. 8:07pm PST. ISO 100. Shutter 0.625. Aperture f/5.0. Manual exposure, no flash.


1. a gliding step in ballet, in which one foot slides forwards, sideways, or backwards

Synonyms: coast, decline, descend, drift, flit, float, flow, fly, lapse, roll, run, sail, scud, shoot*, skate, skim, skip, skirr, slide, slink, slip, slither, smooth along, soar, spiral, stream, trip, waft, wing

I am non-confrontational. I like for things to be resolved peacefully, no rough bumpy patches. I love when everyone gets along.
I am also objective when it comes to an issue involving people. I believe in fairness. I believe that each situation has more than one side, more than one story. Each side should be heard. Each party should put themselves in the shoes of the other person involved.

My life gets a little more complicated because of this. I find myself often suspended between two or more people, or groups of people. I am usually able to see both sides of an issue. In this suspension, I am floating… watching my words carefully so that it doesn’t seem as if I’m taking one, or the other’s, ‘side’. In doing so, in floating, or suspending, I’m often sidestepping the more confrontational parts, in order that the two parties can meet and come in to a healthy, non-hostile environment. Sidestepping. In other words, because of the type of person that I am, I often must ‘glissade’ between people, in order to try to keep the peace and good will.

It can be exhausting. xo



  1. I know that it can be difficult but when caught in these situations, your position is a very helpful, if not necessary one. It’s too easy for opposing sides to entrench themselves in their own POV, unless there is a bit of ‘insulation’ between them. Hang in there, blondie.
    Also- love the shot! I suspect, with the dancing metaphor, that your dress is a fave for dancing. Very well done in Manual mode! Great natural lighting. Great smile, too.

  2. You sound like a Libra … I am one of “those” non-confrontational individuals also. I am able to see both sides, and even put myself in the shoes of the other. It’s difficult for me when people are so caught up in themselves and the issue that they lose sight of the “BIG” picture. We should all be able to talk it out without pointing fingers or putting blame … there are better solutions than the knee jerk reactions people are so used responding with.

    Speaking of pictures, I love this one of you … =)

  3. I know exactly what you mean and empathise enormously.

    ps. u look so tiny in that photo! The tall chairs dwarf you, its incredibly cute!

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