“My 365” August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010
August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010 --spiraling impressions

August 18, 2010. 7:17pm PST. Shutter 1.6. Aperture f/10.0. Manual exposure, no flash.

Auditory (and visual – i.e. texting) impressions from my day:

–Are you going to wait in the parking lot? –I’ll be home by 9:30. –Candy posted on Facebook. –Thinking of u –Mamma do you want me to take your phone with? –Cake? –what ya doing? –May I have your insurance card?      –your co-pay is $35 –Right here w/ u sweetheart! You didn’t feel or hear a ‘pop’? -These films are from May 26th? Nothing more recent?       –It’s either a stress fracture. Or bursitis. It’s a stress fracture. If nothing shows up on the x-rays, schedule an mri. –Could you just move your leg here? –It’s a stress fracture. See the new bone growth? –If your hip fracture had happened now, we would have pinned it. Otherwise, problems with necrosis. –Fracture clean through the tibia. Spiraling.       –I want to cast it. Okay, I’ll be nice and say ‘the boot.’      –Riding the bike is not ‘resting it’!!      –I’m ordering a Bone Density Scan.       –Will you run again?? ……………………………..yes. You will run again.      –Only swimming      –Aqua jogging. but No Weights.       –At least six weeks       –I want to see you in two weeks       –No anti-inflammatories! They inhibit bone growth! –So…??? –I’m sorry mamma, I love you –missed u too! –Especially if you aquajog like mad! –Do I have a curfew? –will call u soon –Does Jess still want to go? –I’m so tired. need sleep. xoxo




  1. You had a very full day, Torie. MRR is right- you can do 6 weeks standing on your head (which would definitely keep you off your boot :-)). Think of it as ‘delayed gratification’. When you finally get to run, imagine the endorphins! In the meantime, while you let yourself heal, maybe you can paint your boot. Perhaps as a running shoe?
    Also- excellent manual shot! The lighting is perfect.

  2. I’m really sorry that this happened to you and that it took soooo long for you to get a definite diagnosis! I’m glad that you listened to your body, and I’m happy that you demanded that you see a specialist, and I am thankful that the specialist understood you and reassured you that you WILL run again. 6 weeks in a boot is NOTHING compared to what you have already endured! Hang tight, my friend … Maybe we will run LA Marathon together! =)

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