“My 365” September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010
September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010 --not yet

September 5, 2010. 6:05pm PST. ISO 100. Shutter 1/4. Aperture f/5.6. Manual exposure, no flash.

The alarm finally went off, but she’d been awake long before the buzzer sounded. She’d deliberately kept her eyes closed, wanting the day to seem as normal as possible. Although the day would be far from normal.
Feet on the cold hardwood floor, she tiptoed out to the kitchen to make coffee. It began brewing, the aroma as warming as the coffee would be. First, on with her running clothes, then tied up her shoes. A few sips of the freshly brewed coffee, and the addition of another shirt. The fog had gotten heavier as the weather had gotten cooler.
She slipped quietly out the door, and locked it behind her. The hours ahead would seem to drag, so it was best if she kept things status quo. A couple of jogging steps, glancing around for cars or bicycles, she ran out into the street and disappeared into the fog.

Ten miles later, the fog had lifted slightly. The evasive runner’s high had joined her in mile seven. It only added to her happy smile. Up the stairs, and another cup of coffee. A quick final tidying up of the kitchen. Make the bed next, then check the news on the ‘net. Some of her usual haunts on the web were to be avoided today. This part of normal she’d avoid. Some information she just didn’t want to know.
She threw her running gear into the laundry, and headed off to take a really long shower. Longer than normal. Another deviation, although like the avoidance of certain websites, this deviation was preplanned. With the dance music loud enough to hear, the shower should have been delightful. Anticipation was building, however.

Out of the shower, painting clothes on, music still going. Time for a distraction. Details on a painting would do. She still had hours ahead of her.

The distraction worked only slightly. By the time she set the palette and brushes aside, her mind was whirling. Time to get dressed. A quick check of the phone. No message yet. Hair done, outfit on, a quick snack. The phone rings, and when she answers, a familiar voice speaks.

She gives out the final directions, eyes bright, smile wide. A quick ‘see you soon’ before the disconnect. Now nerves take over. She dances around a little to try to get the energy out. It doesn’t work.

Five minutes later, she’s in the front room. Soon this part will be over, and the new will begin. Her patience will prove that good things come to those who wait. Her good thing is coming. It’s time.




  1. What happened? Don’t leave me hanging.

  2. Are you working on a book or a story? The bits of fiction that you’ve posted show that you have excellent writing skills, Torie. Like the others, this one primed me for the main premise (the essence of good story-telling), only to leave me hanging. I can’t wait to see what kind of full story you could produce.

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