“My 365” September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010
September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010 --time stands still

September 8, 2010. 6:31pm PST. ISO 100. Shutter 1/3. Aperture f/13.0. Manual exposure, no flash.

In the front room, time seemed to stand still. No. Time seemed to be moving backwards. All the patience she had been practicing seemed to be crashing into a wall. Happiness mixed with anxiety made her heart beat so loudly she thought the neighbors could hear it.

The marine layer had been slowly burning off, and a soft late morning light shone through the window. The room was gently illuminated, and the glow reflected the feelings she had inside of her. Her mind whirling, feel constantly moving she felt as if her body was moving a million miles an hour. Yet the clock seemed to be stopped.
How much longer must she wait?

A sound on the street made her fly to the window to peer out. It was too soon, she knew. She had heard the estimated time of arrival, and knew that even with no traffic, it was not possible that the sound belonged to what she waited for.

She tried to settle into a recliner, promising herself she’d remain there, calm, for at least 5 minutes. Two minutes later she was up, pacing the wood floor, nervous and excited.

“Deep yoga breaths, deep yoga breaths..” she murmured to herself, trying to follow the self-guidance. But no meditative state was to be allowed for her at this time. Every sense was on alert. Every sense seemed heightened. Every scent more fragrant, every sound more magnified, every color more vibrant, every detail more noticeable. She brushed her skirt down, feeling the softness of the cotton, hearing the sound of her hands on the cloth, seeing every gathered fold of the material.

Looking at the clock, 9 minutes had passed since the phone call. She went to her laptop and chose some music. A sip of water, more deep breaths, she forced herself to walk slowly to gaze out of the window.

If she had timed the arrival correctly, the car should be pulling up in less than five minutes. Heart swelling, blood pulsing, the anticipation overruled any apprehension she had been feeling.

A smile on her face brighter than the sun, she pulled the drapes to the side, to look out in the street.



One comment

  1. Excellent, Torie! I was feeling the tension building. Great imagery and emotion! (Very nice picture, as well.)

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