“My 365” October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010
October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010 -- water fight

October 29, 2010. 8:19pm PST. ISO 100. Shutter 1.3. Aperture f/13.0. Manual exposure, no flash.

Thinking of the oddest things….
3113 Harris Dr. — We shared the chores, my brothers and I. Our dishwasher was not built in. You had to wheel it across the kitchen and hook it up to the faucet. But first you had to clear the table, and then you had to rinse the dishes. (Sort of a pre-wash situation…) and then you had to load it and hook it up.

Sibling rivalry? High spirits? —Shenanigans! The soap fights, the water fights – the disasters that often ensued! I’m surprised my parents didn’t fire us! But then again… free child labor? Haha!

Looking back, I marvel at the way we wasted water. At the time, we thought we were *the most* unfortunate children on the planet. But of course we weren’t. As a child, difficult to understand that the very thing that you are using to fight with – water- is something that many children don’t have enough of.

I rinse this glass off. I think of the dry Santa Ana winds. I think of children who don’t have water. I think of my brothers, and smile. I am washing the dishes. And smiling.



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  1. My sister and I used to get into some of the same sort of ‘skirmishes’. Mostly in good fun. šŸ™‚ As for water, It’s odd that there is always talk about running out of oil, trees or even oxygen. But, we’re already running out of drinkable water. Surprising that with 3/4 of the Earth’s surface covered with water, there is still so little to drink.

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