“My 365” November 10, 2010 — beauty

November 10, 2010
November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010 -- beauty

November 10, 2010. 7:50pm. ISO 100. Shutter 1. Aperture f/5.0. Manual exposure, no flash.

This is one of my few landscape paintings. I see it with my eyes, but I feel it with my heart.

Of all our five senses, it has been said by many that vision is the strongest. Vision allows us to recognize and record everything in the world around us, for easy retrieval within 1/5 of a second.
Genetics as well as our environment mold what each of us perceive as beautiful. What was thought of as a beautiful vision over 2000 years ago may not be thought of as an beautiful vision today. What one person thinks is beautiful may be visually hideous to another.

The key to all of our five senses sits within our brain. This is where all the electronic impulses of what we experience are interpreted, categorized, and stored for future reference. My students consider this to be even more important as the sense itself.

But what if you had no vision? How would you determine if something was plain, gaudy, false, ugly, or beautiful?

It is my opinion that true beauty has nothing to do with your outward appearance. We could all be blind, and yet still be able to figure out who was beautiful or not. Beauty shines from within. If I close my eyes, and let my heart (or ‘gut’ feeling) guide me, I am able to correctly identify those people with true beauty, with beautiful souls.

These are the people I gravitate towards, whether I can see them or not.



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  1. That last part is very true.

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