“My 365” November 25, 2010

November 25, 2010

Back in time 24 – 25 years. I am in a fabric store with my mother. I want to make a skirt, I have the pattern. We browse. Pendleton wool is on sale, but still very expensive. I balk at the money. Mother says, Pendleton is quality. You take care of quality, it will last forever.
I choose the scarlet wool, and the matching lining fabric. In spite of my haphazard ways, the skirt turns out beautifully.
I wear it for a year or two, it goes out of style (or I do…) But like the very first dress I ever made, I am proud of it. It remains in the back of my closet, moves with me multiple times over. It outlasts all of my ‘romantic’ relationships.

Fast forward – October 2010. I am cleaning out my closet. I pull the skirt out. Wow. I made this so long ago. I probably haven’t worn it in 20 years. Will my 44 year old body fit into a bright red wool skirt my 19 year old self made? Or, more to the point, will I look like a fat fire truck in it?
I slide the skirt on. I’d made it well. Classic lines. Flat waistband. Hidden zipper. Fitted lining.

It fits loosely. I am surprised. I slide my feet into the patent leather peep-toe pumps. Go to the mirror in Jess’s room.

I wore it for the holiday today.

Quality lasts. Whether it’s wool fabric or a relationship. When it’s made well, and when taken care of, something of quality is often a reward unto itself.


November 25, 2010

November 25, 2010 -- the skirt

November 25, 2010. 9:53pm. ISO 100. Shutter 0.4. Aperture f/4.5. Manual exposure, no flash.



  1. You look fabulous, Darling. Happy Day!

    • Love you Linda, miss you like heck. Hugs to Rich and your family. And to your puppies! xoxo

      • p.s. Jess is still waiting to see about her uni choices in Chicagoland. I’ll keep you posted. xoxo

  2. Great introspective post, Torie. And an excellent picture!

  3. la belle femme

  4. Gorgeous, how clever you are, and also clever to have stayed so thin…that takes hard work. But you know what’s cleverer? Taking all these blog pictures without a flash! So impressive. You have many talents.

    • Thanks Jude! The key to taking them without a flash? Stand very, very still. Be very, very patient.
      The weight has actually been a yo-yo, and is directly related to life situations. I have finally found a balance with my running. It not only makes my body healthier, but is meditation for my mind.
      Hope things are well with you. Always nice to hear from you!

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