“My 365” November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010

It’s been said, everything happens for a reason.
I say… “Really? … ’cause I can’t seem to figure out the reason, or the rhyme…”
And I think around to world events… North Korea, Afghanistan, the drug war in Mexico, the kid in Portland who was going to blow people up…
What could possibly be the reason for all of this?

Then I realize something. That perhaps things do happen ‘for a reason’, but perhaps it’s a reason that may never be revealed. Whether it’s a world event or something very personal, the truth is that we may never know why things happen.

A sobering thought, this truth. Makes one feel powerless.

So I put up a few Christmas lights. I do have control over that.


November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010 -- within my control

November 27, 2010. 6:24pm. ISO 100. Shutter 1.6. Aperture f/5.3. FLASH used, heh. Manual exposure.



  1. Focus on the things we have control over, and let the rest go…. Love your lights!

  2. I love this picture.

  3. Beautiful shot, Torie! And an excellent, positive response. 🙂

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