“My 365” December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010

A friend recently said to me “Every woman is a princess!”

Although I think they are probably delusional, the statement did get me to think. If every woman is a princess, they why are we all different? Recall: All humans, like snowflakes, are different from one-another. Yet…. princesses?
After a great deal of contemplation (surely you heard the wheels turning?) I believe it comes down to this.
If every woman is a princess, then there are two kinds of princesses. There is the kind that believes that they are princesses and deserve to be treated royally, and the kind that don’t consider whether or not they are princesses, they merely serve humankind as royalty should.

I am reminded of two different Hollywood examples of princesses.

First, let’s look at Veruca Salt.
If this does not ring a bell, please refer to the 1971 version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Veruca gets whatever she wants. She is the princess in her family. Shallow, greedy, selfish, I can still hear her singing “I want it now….”
Do you know any princesses like this?

The second kind of princess is, in fact, not referred to as a princess at all. Of course I am bowing down to the “Good Witch of the East” in The Wizard of Oz. The Good Witch of the East is kind, caring, loves her subjects, seeks to do good. Additionally, she is wise. A very important quality for a princess to have.. wisdom.
Do you know any princesses like this?

In real life, perhaps the Veruca Salt princesses are the girls who think only of themselves and what they get out of whatever situation they are in. They are the ones who use people. Who manipulate the system, who don’t care about mankind. They are the ones who run stop signs because the rules don’t apply to them.
After all, they are princesses, aren’t they?

In real life, the Good Witches of the East are the women who are determined to save the planet, save the whales, save the children. They are the ones who set up a neighborhood watch, write children’s books, join Doctors Without Borders. These are the women who volunteer, and donate, and think, and plan, and dream of a better life for mankind.
These are truly royalty, don’t you think?

So if all women are princesses, and you are a woman, what kind of princess are you?


December 7, 2010

December 7, 2010 -- I want to be the Good Witch

December 7, 2010. 8:12pm. ISO 100. Shutter 4. Aperture f/22.0. Manual exposure, no flash.



  1. Excellent post, Torie! I like the little challenge at the end. 🙂

  2. I try hard to be a thoughtful, caring, and giving princess.

    • Oh, Theresa, but you are one of the good ones!! You are an excellent teacher! xoxoxo

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