A letter…

December 31, 2010


Dear Victoria,

Well, my friend, another year gone. Seems like we’ve known each other forever, doesn’t it? Yet…

I know, we don’t sit down and talk enough. Well, it being the last day of the year and all, I thought I’d just tell about a few things from 2010 that somehow had a huge impact on my life.

As you know, by January I already knew my thyroid was pretty messed up. Just how messed up? Even as we speak, I wonder if 250mcg of Levoxyl is enough. In any case, I had no idea the devastation that my thyroid would wreak. Throughout this year of thyroid death, I’ve found an inner strength to deal with things I didn’t know I had.

Science Camp with my sixth graders was a blast. Must say, I found more inner strength there that I didn’t know I had. Kind of personal reasons for it, I’ll tell you about it over drinks sometime.

My interest in photography took off, and I was rewarded with a ‘job’ to take photos at a party from a charity swim. The photos were published in an online ‘newspaper’. I can’t thank Bill Pearl enough for that opportunity. I hope my future holds more of that.

In May I ran my first ½ marathon! And then two weeks later I ran my 2nd ½ marathon!! And then one week later my leg was nearly too painful to even walk on. Misdiagnosed as shin splints for 5 months, a stress fracture would prove to test my inner strength again.

I painted this last summer. A lot. But never enough. I didn’t run at all. I could barely walk a block.

I watched my daughter grow and blossom into a beautiful young woman. I feel blessed every day that she is in my life. How did I get so lucky? Maybe you can explain it to me?

I must say all of my friends have been very supportive throughout the entire year. I’ve been lucky enough to have work friends, friends from my past, and new friends met on twitter. My family, honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without them. Especially Mom and Dad. Love is a word to describe how I feel about all of them.

An incredible thing happened this summer. Someone who I had barely tweeted with noticed my blog. This new friend called with all kinds of encouragement, and inspired me to push the boundaries of my creativity in all sorts of ways, as well as push the boundaries of my character qualities to become a better person. You simply must meet B! Someone with a beautiful soul, honestly.

My newfound inner strength has been pushed to the limits the last 5 months of this year. Pressure at work, combined with recovering from the fracture, and an already strained budget challenged by the economy and the cuts in education hopefully won’t do me in. Victoria, sometimes I think I could scream with frustration. Then I remember all that I am blessed with. I think, take a deep breath, and blink the tears away.

2010 was a year filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. Really, a roller coaster, if we’re making analogies.

Would I change any of it if I could?

No. Not really. All of this has helped me to become the person I am on this last day of 2010. All of this has helped me to become – Victoria.






  1. Wonderful Torie.

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