Heartbreak Alone

January 7, 2011

My heartbreak so deep
The chasm so wide
It wakes me in sleep
My soul it does chide

Why did I fall
So deeply for him?
I knew after all
The chances were slim

In spite of my soul
In spite of my charm
The man in the role
Has done me some harm

“It’s not meant for you
This thing that’s called love”
“Your heart please subdue
And dream not thereof”

I know I’m alone
It’s fate, don’t you see?
Lonely I’ve grown
But always am me.




  1. Warm hugs. Remember the other writing you wrote about all your positive, wonderful qualities and how you can survive.

  2. You are an amazing woman with a great capacity for love. You deserve a most wonderful relationship. Meanwhile, I’m SO excited to see you tomorrow morning for breakfast!!!

  3. Very soulful, Torie. Don’t ever lose hope.

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