Why I love running.

May 21, 2011

I love running.

Those of you who know me are shaking your heads at this obvious statement. However, you also know that I like to analyze everything. I love running for many reasons, and here they are:

I love running because it is something physical that I’m successful at. My hand-eye coordination is non-existent. I’m as graceful as an ostrich trying to fly. I swim like a rock. When I run, though, I am strong and powerful and graceful. My breathing, my foot placement, my stride, my body carriage – all this I understand – and my body understands and listens to what I want. When I run there is never an ‘I can’t’ because I know I can.

I love running because it is something I have control over. I decide when to speed up, when to slow down. I control my breathing (years of playing wind instruments helped this.) While the world turns around faster and faster, I decide when I will turn. I have control over where I go, and how long I go for. My life may be spinning out of control, but I have complete control of where to put my feet while running.

I love running because it sorts me out. Just as surely as I place my feet on the ground, each step turns sadness into peacefulness, loneliness into contentment, worries into solutions. Running takes all my problems and filters out the negative emotions so that all I’m left with are possibilities. All the thoughts and feelings that have been whirling around up in my head are sorted out and placed neatly in front of me, organized and in perspective.

I love running because I can. For years as a child, I wore various leg braces and corrective shoes. I was told I would have crippling arthritis in my hip joints. I do not, nor is there any sign of arthritis. I take joy in the movement of my body. It is something that I’m thankful for, each time I step out to run.

I love running because it uses parts of my body that are strong. Poor eyesight, tendencies toward upper respiratory infections, a non-functioning thyroid…. these are things I cannot fix. I can become stronger, healthier through running. Injuries have happened – blisters, bruises, pulled muscles, tendons, fractures. These have healed – I have proven I can come back from them. I am strong.

I love running because it puts the world in perspective. I am just one person running on a planet that holds billions of people. I think of all the things going on in the world – sort through them – and realize that the focus is not on me. That my focus should be on the rest of the world. Placing my feet on the ground while running grounds me.

I love running because it makes me confident. I love running because it makes me smile. I love running because people smile at me and say good morning.
I love running because it makes me feel good.



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