8:00 p.m.

July 14, 2011

some things are golden

Flip-flops slap my soles, the tone of the right one significantly higher than the left. I leave seeking something – I know not yet what. My legs push forward with an urgency, where does this come from? I don’t even cross the avenue at the crosswalk, in such a hurry to get wherever I need to go. My first thought as I start across the sand – it’s cool, not hot. Walking is difficult, I go barefoot now, my small feet pushing and digging as I’m drawn toward the ocean. Here’s the beach path, with runners, skaters, cyclist, strollers. A woman passes me. In her mind, jogging, willing her body to follow. Her ipod so loud I can hear the lyrics from 7 ft away. Madness. The path itself rough against my skin, I quickly reach the cool sand again. The scent of the ocean – sweet, salty, musty. The sounds – sucking, burbling, crashing, flowing. How I love it as the incoming tide swirls around my ankles, the coolness of the water at first a shock, then welcome. A mother and daughter hold hands, the little girl dances in the waves. The setting sun, a golden orb… so large and warm. I walk down the shore, there’s laughter, but no one is near me, I am singular in this moment. Sea glass beckons me – discards that have captured my heart. The tide comes in ever closer, I whisper “hello.” The sun dipping lower, light is fading. In the sky directly opposite, the moon glows with a soft luminescence. Large and shimmering like a pearl. Here I stand. Peaceful. Alone. Somewhere floating above the sea and the sand, between the sun and the moon, you will find me.


some things are pearl


One comment

  1. You have an excellent way of painting a picture. even with words. 🙂

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