My 365

‘My 365’ is meant to be a yearlong project in which I hope to accomplish several things. I hope to become better acquainted with my Nikon D60 DSLR. I hope to develop some photography skills. I hope to also become better acquainted with myself.

Each day, I will be taking a self-portrait. Most of them will vary in many ways. Some of them will seem superficially redundant, but upon closer inspection they will differ from others either in skill, or mood, setting, or simply because I am never the same way twice.

As I become more comfortable with the camera, I will probably have more relaxed moments. Now, at the beginning of the project, I still worry about how I look. Most of the beginning photos will appear to be me with the same expression. A personal goal is to become more in control of my emotions, and be able to convey them in a photograph.

All constructive criticism is welcome. Please post any comments here, or address them to me at vickie.m.007@gmail.com




One comment

  1. Hi Victoria, I hope all is well. I noticed you asking for comments on Facebook. I thought I would view your project. I noticed you wrote most of the expressions will seem the same, with slight variations. It seems there are deep thoughts racing through your images. I think you are capturing that aspect of yourself nicely. When you feel more comfortable with your camera, maybe try some variations of looks. These are self portraits, so close ups may require a few shots since the focus and composition is tighter. I don’t know what gear you have to get more specific. Maybe try setting your tripod up on a table or low to the ground for moods you are feeling and getting different angles.

    It seems like a great project you are doing to learn about yourself and photography. Continued success!

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