My 365…. almost a year from its interruption

almost a year later

almost a year later

June 28, 2010 – around 7 pm. ISO 100. fstop 5.6.  No flash

A year ago, this project began to falter. I had no energy for it. I though it was because of the road trip with my girl to Chicago, Milwaukee, Minnetonka. Then I blamed it on the heat, the running that I was doing… but everything was being set to the side, including running and painting. When school began, it was all I could do to get my job done.

Finally, a diagnosis. My thyroid had completely quit working. The lack of thyroid hormone in my body has taken a toll on me. Finding the correct dosage of synthetic thyroid hormone took a long time, but finally it seems to be stable.

One year later, I am myself again.


after the workout

After the Workout

June 29, 2010. Around 1:00 p.m. ISO 100. Natural light. Shutter Speed 1/250, focal length 18mm. Max Aperture f/3.5

It was indeed after my workout. Spent a lot of time at the gym and was contemplating another bike ride, this time outdoors. The sun wasn’t out due to June Gloom, so I decided that 1 1/2 hours at the gym was probably enough.

I love taking photos outside. I met a nice neighbor who loves cats, and had done her own photo project taking pictures of the local cats. She called it “The Cats of Nieto”… I should have asked if she had a website!

waiting, researching

Waiting, researching

June 30, 2010. ISO 100, Shutter speed, 2.5, Aperture f 3.5, No Flash (computer and desk lamp)

This day will be noted as the day of downs and ups. A friend and I parted ways, then someone else came prominently, positively into my life. What it all means… I don’t know. So I wait, and see… after all, I can’t read the future. I am not good at waiting… patience is not one of my virtues. However, I am good at research. How does one rid themselves of dark circles under the eyes? I’m going to find out…

Closet Cleaning

Cleaning out the closet

July 1, 2010. ISO 100. Shutter 2.5. Aperture f/3.5. Closet light, no flash.

This photo would be termed a “Black and White” photo. But look again. There are no pure blacks, no pure whites. Everything is a shade of gray. Just like in life, there are no all black/all white, all good/all bad… Today was one of those days. Lots of dark… lots of light… and between these moments, shades of gray.

Earlier this evening I had stated that ‘Today was disappointing. I’m glad there is tomorrow.” For me, it was a darker shade of gray day.  It turns out, the day did not end on a disappointing note, and lightened up a bit. However, tomorrow always has the potential to be an even lighter shade of gray. I look forward to it. xo



  1. Life is shades of gray. Brilliant, Torie.

  2. I would’ve liked to have seen the last one without the desk lamp….

  3. Great update Tori – Best of wishes with your health and let me know too when you find a cure for dark circles other than sleep because I don’t do that well xoxo Rache

  4. one’s bright soul removes the shades of dark, cool photo.

  5. More great shots to go with the journal, Torie. Looking forward to finding out what promise your new acquaintance holds. The future is full of unknown possibilities.

  6. You’re so very interesting and wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I love the pics and your notes. xo

    A dysfunctional Thyroid makes life rather difficult. I admire you for your courage and strength.

  7. Wow! Vickie I didn’t know that you were that ill. I’m glad to hear you are better. BTW are you going by Torie now? Hope you don’t mind me calling by your other name. Love the pics.

  8. Two excellent photos which illustrate/complement the writing…well done.

  9. swirls of music, chills on the spine, I love it.

  10. Great re-establishing post, and an excellent picture, Torie!

  11. I like the photo! Glad you’re feeling like your old self!

  12. Great pic Tori! I am glad they found out what was going on. I know many women diagnosed with thyroid issues. I have been blessed. My thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol,etc. all normal ! xoxo

  13. Aw man, love it. Great picture. Definitely appropriate for a “coming out of hiding” sort of post.

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