Week 6

Day 36

Day 36

I was obviously wishing I was leaving on vacation, with my suitcases and hatbox. I guess Princess Luna showed up to travel with me. Still feeling tiny.  ISO 200, no flash, dining room lamp.

Day 37

Day 37

Wondering: How far will I run in the morning? What grade level will I teach next year? Do the girls like the pizza? What will I wear to work in the morning? How will I get everything done in the next month that I need to???? ISO 100, flash – because my room is so dark.

Day 38

Day 38

Another plain vanilla shot. I’m exhausted… shouldn’t even be up taking this. Still in work clothes, back from driving carpool. ISO 100, flash.

Day 39

Day 39

Teens in the living room watching movies. I’m here on the computer, listening to the incomparable Sharon Jones. No flash, the only light is from the monitor of my MacBook. ISO 200.

Day 40

Day 40

Why is it my cats only love me when they are hungry, or I when I’m busy? Princess Luna’s insistence that I pet her while shooting this made me smile. No flash – it’s afternoon. ISO 100.

Day 41

Day 41

Late at night, back from a visit to my parents. Looking serious, but feeling positive and content… (in spite of headache/fever!) ISO 100, with flash. Hey, it was 11 p.m.!!

Day 42

Day 42

Memorial Day. Fever and headache had just started back up again. It was already after noon, but I was still in my jammies enjoying my coffee. ISO 100, natural light.



  1. I love numbers 40 and 42. They capture perfectly some of the best sides of you! I love you!!!

  2. Love number 40. Wow! Vicki you are so creative! Love what you are doing.

  3. I think day 37 photograph is a really good portrait of the Vickie i know.

    Keep your chin up!

  4. Very nice….and I see you csn take a dare!

  5. Don’t know about the other two, but this one you selected is great

  6. REALLY like #39….some interesting things can be done with this shot…..we can discuss techniques at some point…

  7. As is, too “vanilla”……there was an interesting possibility for you to compose a more level shot, straight on against the drapes. White top and white chair, juxtaposed with dark drapes and pants…..might be something to try if you wish to play around…

  8. FWIW, good to see you experimenting with some new compositional approaches….

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